Subliminal Dreaming - Deep Dream Extreme

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"So I had this dream where I was in a bath tub filled with dolls and this man in a balaclava and a tiara was there...

and then it got weird."

Step into this dreamscape by Sense Immerse and Tall Jenny with original soundscape and Deep Dream images complete with computerised voice guidance. The future is strange! 

Video: Gerant Kenneth

Music: Gerant Kenneth

Run time: 17:07

Video: 4K 360' immersive video

Audio: Stereo Sound

Tags: VR,virtual reality,senseimmerse,Sense Immerse,360,360 video,immersive video,dream,nightmare,dreamscape,trippy,deepdream, Deep Dream,psychedelic,dmt,lsd,relaxation,hypnosis,zone out,chill, psychonaut,colour therapy, sound therapy, consciousness,reality,gerant,gerantgerant,Gerant Kenneth,dolls,strange,absurd

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