Night of the Iguana Exhibition - An Exhibition Homage to Iggy Pop in 360˚

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Step inside this immersive exhibition at Newsagency Gallery, Night of the Iguana - An Exhibition Celebrating Iggy Pop's 70th Birthday.

Newsagency Gallery (Sydney) and The Cambodian Space Project proudly presents group show of artists and artworks inspired by the life and times of James Newell Osterberg, Jr., known professionally as Iggy Pop.

Night of the Iguana is an exhibition curated by Bess O’Malley (Newsagency Gallery) and Julien Poulson (The Cambodian Space Project) bringing together an array of visual artists responding in homage to the music and imagery of Iggy Pop – spanning his 70 years on planet earth. The show is an exploration into the wild, primal, guttural, instinctive emotions of a rock’n’roll subculture as defined by one of it’s greatest living exponents – James Newell Osterberg, Jr, known professionally as Iggy Pop who began his own incredible artistic journey as drummer and singer for the Iguanas back in Ann Arbor circa 1963.

The show is an idea conceived by Julien Poulson while curating a compilation of Cambodian bands covering Iggy Pop songs… this project kicked off in Phnom Penh on April 1 (foolsday). Within a week, the best and wildest of Cambodia’s new rock’n’roll underground had responded and recorded for the “Angkor Pop” call out. Nearing the end of a long week – live recordings in a seedy bar named Oscar’s – disaster struck! A cat burglar crawled into a top floor hotel room and robbed sound producer Jason Shaw, while he slept, of his lap top, sound gear and harddrives containing all the precious recordings. Later a reward of $1000 was posted on the streets of Phnom Penh’s seedy red light district and the hard drive was recovered. Poulson illustrated and wrote about the event and retitled Angkor Pop! more aptly as Night of The Iguana. Check out the full story here:

Night of the Iguana – inspired by Iggy and wild nights of rock’n’roll – whereever one may be – allows plenty of plenty of room for each artist to stray from straight-up Iggy to alluring notions of “all things Iguana” and in some cases – noirish imagery & themes right out of Tennessee Williams original stage play where “all of the characters in some way or another are at the end of their rope, like the iguana trapped out in the back of the hotel” and the “Love And Lust – Ruin And Redemption” of John Huston’s film adaptation.

Julien Poulson
John O’Driscoll
Mark Rowden
Libby Ciesiolka
Bess O’Malley
The Idiot and the press
Yasmina Black - Bluebow Millinery
Jane Musgrove Caveney
Jo Skipworth
Marcia Koulbanis Leonard
J E Doye
Jimmy Willing
Clinton Walker
Dean Spinks
Jose Herrera
Dominic Proust
Sarah Cockroft
Stephen Corry
Jo-Ann Cahill
Ben Cahill
Callum Docherty
Tobias Richardson aka The Grand Wazoo
Lizz Mackenzie & Helen Hopcroft

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Video: Daniel Smith

Music: ’Gimme Danger' by Nightmare A.D

Run time: 3:44

Video: 4K 360˚ immersive video

Audio: Stereo Sound

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