Creators of immersive content, including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We are currently focusing on 360' Immersive Video. 

Contact: senseimmerse [at] gmail [dot] com

Daniel & Gerant on set of the short films Day Inn & Day Out  

Founders & Filmmakers

Gerant Kenneth

Gerant is a filmmaker, artist, musician and prankster. He has been creating videos for over 10 years on his YouTube channel as gerantgerant. His 360 videos include surreal and strange subject matter that is backed by synth scores that he has written and composed. Gerant is never one to shy away from a creative challenge and his work spans various genres and mediums.


Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith is a photographer and filmmaker with a variety of projects and interests. He is especially interested in cross-disciplinary art projects and loves to collaborate. You can check out a variety of his somewhat neatly compartmentalised projects via the link below. The 360 video pieces that he is creating are narrative based, real world or documentary and more recently are created in virtual 360 3D worlds.