A Tall Jenny Deep Dream in 360°

Click here to watch on mobile in the YouTube App. This video is best experienced with a VR headset and headphones via the Youtube app on mobile or in a supported browser on the desktop (more info).

Drop down into a rock pool and patiently wait to be taken away into the deep dream. Mr Crab is there for you in between. A Deep Dream experiment taking you into a trippy immersive underwater world in a rockpool. What strange things await? This piece is set to sounds by Tall Jenny. 

Video: Gerant Kenneth

Music: Tall Jenny

Run time: 7:54

Video: 4K 360' immersive video

Audio: Stereo Sound

Tags: VR,virtual reality,senseimmerse,Sense Immerse,360,360 video,immersive video,trippy,psychedelic,dmt,lsd,relaxation,hypnosis,zone out,chill, psychonaut,colour therapy, sound therapy, 

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